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Project Description
OutlookPhoto is a tool that allows you to upload your photo to Exchange Server 2010 so that it displays in Outlook 2010 on emails for which you are the sender. It also allows you to view your currently stored photo.

NOTE: The ShowPhoto feature is only available in Exchange Server 2010 and viewable via Outlook 2010.

11/28/2010: Added an Outlook add-in to allow changing the photo from within Outlook.

NEW - 4/4/2011: I've created a sister project called PhotoControl which demonstrates a way to display the Active Directory thumbnailPhoto inside a TFS work item via a custom control.

User Interface

OutlookPhoto displays your Exchange photo if one exists and allows you to upload a new photo, as shown in the following screenshot:


Verifying the Photo

You can simply open any email for which you are the sender. You should see the photo in the upper right-hand corner of the email as shown in this example:


Advanced Features

If for some reason OutlookPhoto is displaying the wrong username, you can specify a username explicitly from the command-line using the following syntax:
OutlookPhoto.exe /u:MyUserName

Also, if you own an Exchange group for which you want to set a photo, you can do so using the following command-line syntax:
OutlookPhoto.exe /g:MyGroupName

New (11/21/2010): You can now specify any valid LDAP expression as the search criteria using the /e: command-line option:
OutlookPhoto.exe /e:"CN=AnyName"

Note: MyGroupName can be an Active Directory DN.

Outlook Photo Add-In

If you like to change the photo from within Outlook without having to jump to the OutlookPhoto.exe program, you can know do so using the Outlook Photo Add-In. This is an Outlook add-in that allows you to change the photo from two locations in Outlook:
  1. From the Home tab.
  2. From the Photo backstage tab.



Note that if your Exchange server is connected to a different Active Directory domain or forest than the one your Outlook machine is, then you will most likely not see the correct photo.

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